From Our Clients

  • I have known Mr. Aaronson for over forty-four years and can speak of him not only professionally but personally as well. He displays excellent qualities as an attorney with knowledge in many areas. However, more importantly, he is a caring, compassionate person. I highly recommend him to anyone searching for a well-rounded attorney with expertise in many areas.

  • I was looking for a good entertainment attorney. I called a few with good reviews as Arthur’s. Out of all the attorneys I spoke to he understood me the most. I also read that he has over 42 years experience in the field. Who could say that experience doesn’t help. He was welcoming and encouraging. He made my trademark transaction extremely easy. He is willing to hear out his clients, and set’s forth the time for it. Great Lawyer I highly recommend him. He is skilled in many categories in law, and is for the people.

  • Mr. Aaronson helped me a great deal with advise on buying and maintaining real estate. He helped me in determining value, reviewing all agreements, and contracts. He worked seamlessly with real estate brokers, and sellers. He knows how to interface with city and county government. He also did a great job representing me in litigation. He has also handled Trademark, and Copyright matters for me.

  • I came to Mr. Aaronson with a Real Estate and Trust dispute with a family member. Mr. Aaronson analyzed the lawsuit issues, and was able to settle my case within a reasonable amount of time, and for a reasonable amount of funds. He was able to negotiate a settlement in less than five months. Mr. Aaronson’s representation involved a step by step process, with the opposing attorneys. He was able to communicate with opposing counsel, in numerous factual exchanges, paving the path to presentation of my facts and case. He came to a fruition with opposing counsel, settling with opposing counsels facts, and my facts to a reasonable conclusive settlement of the case. He also is a caring, calm, and attentive attorney who listened and understood my concerns. Arthur Aaronson is a highly effective, experienced attorney with over 40 years of experience, tenacious, and competent attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Aaronson for your legal issues/disputes.