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Choosing the Right Entertainment Attorney

At Aaronson Law, we’re passionate about representing all types of creative people. Our entertainment attorneys advise various businesses and media professionals in the entertainment realm.

Entertainment Law centers around providing legal services to the entertainment business, which can involve: media of all types (television, film, music, publishing, advertising, Internet and more), and can cover other legal fields such as corporate, finance, intellectual property, publicity, and privacy. For instance, in film, entertainment lawyers may work with an actor’s agent to finalize an actor’s contract for an upcoming project.

One of the key objectives of an entertainment lawyer is that of a deal maker. The entertainment industry is extremely contract-heavy. Usually, these contracts need to be carefully drafted and can vary greatly from client to client. As such, contract templates in the entertainment industry are rarely effective. Every entertainment industry client brings a unique set of skills to whatever deal he or she is involved with which must be articulated on paper.

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Importance of an Entertainment Lawyer

1. Knowledge of the Industry

When choosing an entertainment law firm, it is important to find an entertainment lawyer that knows the inner workings of the particular industry that you are involved with.

2. Negotiating Contracts

Each party to a contract should be represented by knowledgeable counsel that can help them clarify what requirements they will be agreeing to undertake and the benefits they can expect to receive.

3. Maintaining Strong Relationships

Maintain relationships with studios and knowing who’s influential can help get a deal done in an expedited manner.

Having your own Entertainment Law Attorney

Some employers, agents or managers may want to convince you to use their company’s in-house attorney or forego legal representation. It’s important to note that an in-house counsel is primarily concerned with the well-being of the business, not you. Make sure to never give up your legal rights during contract negotiations, mediation, or litigation. Employing a competent entertainment law attorney assures that an experienced legal professional is there to look after the best interest of you and your career.



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Wearing Many Hats

From music to film production, we provide the legal framework and strategic guidance to launch or elevate your business and professional career.

Not Just for Talent

Entertainment Lawyers are not just for talent; They can also be viable for the production and creation of entertainment content.

Some legal issues we handle include:

Motion picture rights

Music rights

Producer contracts

Royalty agreements

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